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Research Fellowships in Science or Engineering (3 years)
Research Fellowships are intended to give scientists or engineers of exceptional promise the opportunity for early independence when entering their first or second post-doctoral positions.  They are open to all nationalities usually intending to carry out research at a UK institution.

Industrial Fellowships (3 Years)
Do you want to pursue a PhD without leaving your job or perhaps you want to collaborate with industry on research?  The aim of the this Fellowship is to encourage profitable innovation and creativity in British Industry – to the mutual benefit of the Fellow and the sponsoring company. Projects in any science or engineering discipline will be considered.   These Fellowships are open to company employed candidates or nominated Doctoral Centre / CASE candidates.  

Industrial Design Studentships (1 or 2 years)
These Master's level studentships are designed to stimulate industrial design capability among the country’s most able science and engineering graduates and are for 1 or 2 years duration. Applicants must have already secured a place on an appropriate Industrial Design course.

Fellowship in the Built Environment or Design (2 years)
A single Fellowship is awarded in alternate years for two years' research in a specified study area.  The Commission will be awarding the next Fellowship in the Built Environment in 2019.  Full details, including the title of the project, will be announced in June 2019 when applications will be invited.   The value of the award is £50,000 per year.  Applications are welcome from post-graduates, researchers, practitioners or professionals on a career break.  Entries will be accepted not only from individuals but also from formal or informal partnerships.  The next Design Fellowship will be announced in 2020.

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